High Voltage Equipment Audit of Existing Assets

The West Australian Department of Commerce Energy Safety issued a number of notices in relation to persons working on, or are owners of oil insulated High Voltage Switch Gear and then a further notice for all High Voltage assets.

Within these notices it was recommended for owners to perform a review of their existing High Voltage assets and the associated records, documentation and maintenance and test records.

It is a requirement for the owners of High Voltage facilities to have in place documentation and procedures for the Safe Management of High Voltage Electrical Installations.

PME have several experienced engineers and Chartered Professional Engineers who can perform these reviews, identify any shortfall in your documentation and prepare the additional required documentation as required.

PME have performed this work for several mining companies for their internal networks and also for commercial facilities connected to the Western Power SWIS and the Horizon Power northern networks.

All findings and recommendations from these reviews are kept confidential between PME and our client.