Grid Connected Solar Systems

Petro Min Engineers has had a busy period for June / July 2019 for grid-connected commercial-sized solar PV systems.

We have been involved in the grid connection design, approval, commissioning and final sign off of the following systems;

  • A 94 kW roof mounted system in Bentley
  • A 26 kW car park cover roof in Bentley
  • A 40 kW roof mounted system in Canning Vale
  • A 60 kW system at the Caltex garage in Forrestfield
  • Three 100kW DC / 75 kW AC systems in Mogumber with each system being roof mounted on a chicken farm roof and connected to three different Western Power supplies
  • A 150 kVA system upgrade in Kwinana beach
  • A 68 kW DC and 60 kW Ac system on a restaurant in the South West
  • A 97 kW DC and 95 kW Ac system on a winery in the South West.

For some of the above systems, we have designed and supplied the grid protection and monitoring panels as required by Western Power Technical Rules.