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Electrical Power Supply Engineering Perth

Every company, big or small needs electrical power to operate. For large resource and mining sites, the efficient supply and management of electrical power is critical to your business’s efficient functioning. Any breakdown in this process can result in lengthy and costly delays to your production schedule. That is why it is so critical to develop an effective power supply design for your business. Petro Min Engineers is a proven provider of power distribution systems that support Australia’s leading mining and resources companies. Contact us today.

As specialist electrical engineers, we pride ourselves on coming up with workable, affordable and safe energy solutions for large industrial companies. When it comes to electrical power distribution system design and engineering in Perth, we offer you a comprehensive solution to all your power generation needs.

Power distribution services for all your needs

Many mining and resource sites are located in remote areas, with limited access to affordable and reliable power. With our highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced engineers, we are experts in providing power supply engineering for even the toughest, most complicated project. Whether you are looking for a power supply upgrade, a complete power distribution system design for your industrial site or alternative energy solutions to complement your existing energy source, we have the resources and the staff to provide all you need.

Our services include:

  • Completion of a feasibility study to see what will work
  • Design of a power system suitable to your requirements
  • Procedures and systems development
  • Implementation and installation of the entire system

This is followed by doing all the necessary checks, site supervisions, inspections and maintenance to make sure you have a continuous and reliable supply of power.

Eco-friendly power supply engineering

We can also set up alternative energy sources like solar power and wind turbines to provide limited power for different aspects of your operation, and we will conduct energy optimisation studies to make sure you have the most efficient system that is reliable and cost effective.

In case of emergencies, we also install a system of backup generators that will kick in should an emergency occur; this will keep your downtime and stress levels to an absolute minimum.

We’re the experts

Having completed a variety of different power stations for numerous clients throughout Australia, you can depend on us to design and build an electrical power station for you, no matter how remote your site is. A wealth of experience in electrical power transmission system engineering ensures that we always observe and apply best industry practice throughout every facet of our operations. Our engineers are hands-on, making sure every last detail is taken care of. What’s more, we go the extra mile, making regular trips to your site for inspections and checks to ensure your power distribution system is running at optimum efficiency. We do this as we believe that proper maintenance, inspections and relevant testing can prevent future problems from arising, and save you spending money on costly, complex repairs in the future. This system has served our clients and our company well.

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