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Avoid downtime with our reliable power systems

If you operate in the mining and resources industry and you need reliable and efficient electrical power systems, look no further than Petro Min Engineers. As power systems engineering specialists, we supply fully functional electrical power systems backed up with emergency generators to ensure your business has a constant and steady energy supply. Contact us today for your quote.

Avoid downtime

No company can afford to have their power turned off, especially those that run 24 hours a day, every day. It’s essential for businesses to install a backup generator in case of emergencies. These emergency power generators will keep your business operational even when there is no power from the grid.

With mining accounting for about 28% of Western Australia’s production levels, productivity is critical and so are the electrical systems that support it. The economy and thousands of employees depend on them. With many mines situated in remote areas and some working off the grid, a large amount of mines rely on diesel generators for their remote power systems. Similarly, those that are connected to the grid also need the support of generators. That’s where we come in, supplying a wide range of generators suitable for various industrial uses.

Electrical transformers

We will carry out a complete analysis of your system to ensure the correct power lines, cabling and generator sizing and specifications are in place. In addition, we have a variety of power transformers available to suit all your requirements. This includes:

  • Containerised dry type units
  • Auto transformers
  • Earthing transformers
  • Metering transformers

If you are looking for a specific power supply transformer, talk to us, and if we don’t have it in our stock we will source it for you.

Short circuit analysis

Our engineers will complete a comprehensive short circuit analysis for your business, ensuring that your operations continue safely, efficiently and effectively. We can identify problem areas within your electrical system, advise you accordingly and implement appropriate actions. This helps eliminate any risks associated with short circuit currents, and helps avoid unnecessary downtime. Get in touch for electric power systems design and analysis you can rely on.

Load flow studies

When dealing with power engineering, a load flow analysis, which is a numerical analysis of the flow of electric power in an interconnected system, is required. Our specialist engineers will complete the analysis, which is vital for any future expansion of existing power systems, and optimise the efficiency of your current power system.

Motor starting studies

Our engineers will carry out a motor starting study calculation and a motor starting time calculation in order to determine any risks of starting a large motor. When operating a large motor, there are factors that affect performance and can affect your energy flow. These can result in the tripping of your entire electrical system, or unwanted dimming of the lights, both signs that your power system isn’t operating as efficiently as it should.

By performing these motor starting studies, we ensure you have the correct information on the best starting method, the right motor design and the optimal system design to ensure the impact of starting the motor is kept to a minimum.

Protective device co-ordination

By ensuring you have an effective power system protection in place, you can protect your system from faults by isolating the faulty parts from the rest of your electrical network.

We can implement a scheme whereby faulty items will not affect the rest of your electric system, meaning you do not need to shut down your entire system every time there is a fault. This ensures that other electrical work can be carried out with minimal impact on the rest of the electrical power system.

Power factor correction

Minimise the amount of ‘wasted’ electricity produced by installing one of our power factor correction units. We’ll help you target inefficiencies within your electrical power system so you get the maximum usable output every time.

Ground grid design to IEEE and Australian standards

The safe operation of an electrical substation is critical to the efficiency of your power system. Safety relies on a ground design, which is properly installed and will ensure reliable performance of the substation for its entire service life. Our engineers have designed and installed many of these systems with much success. Rest assured you will be provided with a ground grid design that meets your unique requirements and that’s fully compliant with all IEEE and Network Standards.

High voltage power distribution

Make sure your customers get the right power when they need it with our high voltage power distribution systems, which we can customise to meet your company’s unique needs. No matter how big the client or how large their energy demands, we will design a system to ensure the right voltage of power is distributed to the right customer.

We design systems that adhere to both Australian and international standards as well as any specific requirements detailed by the power utility companies.

Substation design and commissioning

Substations ensure that electricity from the power plant is transformed into the correct voltage for use by the consumer. Backed by our years of experience and highly qualified engineers, we can create a substation design specific to your requirements. We will take care of the substation commissioning to ensure you comply with all electrical commissioning requirements as set out by law.

Take advantage of our experience in SCADA to ensure your grid connection substations remains fully operational at all times.

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