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Based in Perth, Petro Min Engineers is one of the leading experienced electrical engineering consulting companies in Perth, and your one-stop source for dedicated engineering design consultants specializing in electrical design and power distribution. Backed by a wealth of experience in the supply of engineering solutions to the industrial sector, we are the leading choice for service excellence. Contact us today to find out more.
From conceptual studies and electrical engineering designs, right through to detailed engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance management, you can expect first-rate quality from Petro Min. Our team is able to deliver reliable, practical and cost-effective electrical engineering outcomes anywhere in Australia.

We offer the following:

Electrical Engineering Design Services

As a reliable and trustworthy electrical engineering consultant, Petro Min actively delivers an array of design services to the greater Australian industrial sector. With 30 years of experience under the belt, we offer a complete project solution, from concept and ideation to detailed electrical power system design, analysis and commissioning. Our design department utilises 2D and 3D modelling to create clear and precise imagery, before computer-generated drafting in either AutoCAD or Microstation format.

Power System Design

Petro Min is a specialist in power systems design and documentation for power generation and distribution in the mining, renewable energy, and industrial sector. We develop and implement power systems that comfortably sustain operations while successfully meeting all client needs. With each and every project completed in accordance with Australian and international standards, Petro Min is paving the way for intelligent power systems design.

Renewable Energy Engineering

Today’s commercial and industrial sectors are under a lot of pressure to run operations with the environment in mind, with many choosing renewable energy solutions instead of outdated traditional power. Petro Min is an active contributor to the renewable energy sector, with a comprehensive range of solar and Hybrid power systems that are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Whether harvested from the sun, wind or water, we provide innovative solutions that eliminate clients’ reliance on the national energy grid.
The fact that we’re an independent supplier of energy outcomes means that we aren’t restricted by a particular manufacturer or any of their specifications, allowing us to design and install solar power systems according to very specific requirements. From landfill gas power stations to Organic Rankine Cycle waste heat recovery systems, Petro Min is at the forefront of renewable energy design and cultivation.

Infrastructure Electrical Services

Electrical grid infrastructure is the heart of any effective distribution system, and the fundamental reason that power can be generated, stored and administered throughout an industrial production plant. Petro Min offers a multitude of electrical infrastructure solutions, each with the ability to be custom-built for the varying and unique application purposes that currently exist. This includes electrical water supply systems, power station design, dewatering and water management pump stations, agriculture water and power management and waste heat recovery systems to name but a few.
For more information from a helpful consultant, give us a call on (08) 9367 5244 now. Alternatively, leave us a message with your query or requirement and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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