Power Station Design Perth

From Concept to Operation and Maintenance, we’re your Power Station Design Experts

At Petro Min Engineers, we take pride in bringing power to even the remotest areas of Australia where electricity is scarce. A key part of that process is undertaking precision-driven power station design. Working closely with our clients within the mining and resource industries, we turn innovative ideas and designs into fully operational power stations that suit your needs. It has been the cornerstone of our reputation in electrical engineering and power distribution. Contact us today.

Quality Assured

Our talented team of technicians and engineers have completed projects across WA including gas, diesel, landfill gas, and solar-powered renewable power stations. With over 20 years’ experience in providing engineering solutions to power companies worldwide, we thrive on the challenges our ambitious projects often provide and pride ourselves on finding practical solutions.

From the initial conceptual study through to power plant design, detail engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance management, we can enable the full power supply to difficult-to-reach areas. We value our role in improving the quality of life for thousands of residents and allowing for the development of industries in remote areas of WA.

Diesel Baseload Power Stations

Baseload is the minimum amount of power that needs to be generated to ensure the basic electrical requirements for a specific servicing area are met. Baseload power plants are specifically designed to produce the required baseload power over a 24-hour period. This kind of power station is vital to any electrical power system. We specifically design diesel baseload power stations to produce efficient and reliable power throughout the year. We always strive to ensure that your power station continually produces electricity with low running costs.

Gas Reciprocating Engines and Gas Turbine Power Stations

Today gas turbines are among the most efficient and widely-used power generation technologies. These turbines use a type of internal combustion engine to produce hot gases that spin a turbine and produce power. Gas turbines utilise a variety of fuels, including natural gas, fuel oils, and synthetic fuels. We design gas reciprocating engines and gas turbine power plants to ensure you achieve a greater power-to-weight ratio from a smaller power plant. Making it the ideal solution for constant power generation.

Combined Cycle and Waste Heat Recovery Systems Manufacturers

In power systems that only utilise one fuel source, up to two-thirds of latent energy can be wasted. Our engineers can design a combined cycle power plant, which can implement a combined cycle and waste heat recovery system. By applying multiple processes, our combined systems use the residual heat expelled from hot exhaust gases to produce steam which turns a steam turbine to produce energy.

Emergency Power Generators and Back-up Systems

Should your main power supply fail as a result of freak weather conditions or for maintenance purposes, our engineers can design an emergency generator and guarantee continuity with your electricity supply. With a diesel-driven backup generator, we can give you access to a continuous power supply, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Peaking Powers Stations

When you know there will be an increased demand for electricity, you will need engineers with the experience and creative know-how to ensure you have a peaking power station to meet the additional demand. Peaking power plants only run where there is an exceptional demand for electricity, to meet the minimum requirement. The power that comes from peak plants is a short-term solution and comes at a premium price. Get in touch with our engineers to find out more.

Landfill Gas Power Stations and Sustainable Solutions

With an ever-increasing population, the amount of discarded rubbish being dumped into landfill sites has increased. Current data shows that nearly half of all waste produced by Australians goes into landfill sites. In weight, that equates to almost 21.3 million tonnes a year. These landfill sites produce large volumes of methane gas, from the decomposition of organic matter. Using the latest technology, we have created systems to extract and capture this methane, post-closure of the landfill sites, and recycle it into usable energy, making sure not all your waste gets wasted. The combination of landfill gas and power has proven an effective method in supplementing traditional energy supplies.

Grid Connection Substations, Systems Design, and Engineering

Grid connection substations ensure that electricity from a power plant is transformed into the correct voltage for use by the consumer. With our many years of experience in this field, we will ensure that the correct distribution systems are in place to ensure your customers always have electricity at a flick of a switch. Our engineers will manage the entire connection process, from scope to substation design, through to construction, commissioning and final adoption. Take advantage of our experience in SCADA to ensure your grid connection substations remain fully operational at all times.

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