Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems

Solar, Wind and Organic Power Generation

With our traditional energy sources running low and becoming more expensive to extract, not to mention the untold harm being caused to our environment, more and more businesses are turning to renewable energy systems. Petro Min Engineers is a renewable energy solutions company, offering a range of solar power systems to Perth and Brisbane business and homeowners, thus doing our part in changing the way people view energy consumption. Contact us today to find out more.


Premium Quality is Our Minimum Standard

All our grid-connected solar power systems have been fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council, meaning we are able to offer you tailored engineering solutions for solar power – one of the most powerful sources of renewable energy.


Flexible Renewable Energy Engineering

As an independent supplier of energy solutions, we are not restricted to any particular manufacturer or any of their specification – you get a unique design of your solar power system, customised to suit your specific needs.
Whether it’s a solar-powered generator or other source of renewable energy such as wind or hydropower, we offer a range of renewable energy solutions to complement your grid-based electricity. This ensures you have regular access to power and also makes you less dependent on traditional energy sources.
We also offer solutions for utilising landfill gas power, allowing you to capture the methane gas released by organic waste, and recycling it into a safe and reliable energy source.

Our renewable engineering team specialises in:


Renewable Energy Power

There are a variety of renewable energy power sources available today, making us less reliant on fossil fuels and other harmful materials. Whether it’s the sun, water or wind, we strive to be one of the leading renewable energy companies in Perth, offering eco-friendly solutions with innovative approaches to make us less reliant on the national energy grid.


Solar and Wind-Powered Pumping Systems

If you live in a remote area without reliable access to electricity or where energy costs are prohibitive, our solar and wind powered pumping systems offer a reliable and environmentally friendly solution. They are particularly useful for water bore pumps, providing a cost effective, water-delivery outcome. Solar powered generators and wind power generators are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in areas without ready access to the main electricity supply.


Landfill Gas Power Stations

With humans producing enormous amounts of waste every year, most of which goes into landfill sites, it’s comforting to know there actually is something that can be recycled. In this case, it’s the methane gas that is emitted from decomposing organic waste. We are able to supply landfill gas power generation stations, which can harvest this methane and process it for recycling into a usable energy source – be it electricity, heat, or fuel.


Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Power Plants based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) are used to produce energy from various heat sources when other alternatives are impractical.
Waste heat and flue gas from industrial production can be recycled into electricity and heat using the ORC method. The ORC process is an efficient, clean and reliable recovery method that will save you money and provide a reliable source of recycled energy.
As many companies within the mining and resources industries are remotely sited, we also specialise in solar power systems that supply outlying areas with telemetry, radio systems, environmental data logging, communication huts and more.


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