Power Factor Correction Projects

Petro Min Engineers has been previously involved in power factor correction projects for grid-connected applications and also for islanded power grid applications on mine sites.

These projects have two benefits, one being that it increases available spare capacity on electrical power supplies and also reduces the losses on electrical systems between the connection points and the power generation source.

For grid-connected applications, a site with poor power factor can also incur penalty network charges from the Grid Utility and the installation of power factor correction can cut or reduce these additional penalty charges and fees.

Petro Min Engineers have two existing projects with different benefits.

One being a pet food company which wishes to increase their power demand while not having to go through a time consuming and costly upgrade to their network connection – this will be achieved by the installation of distributed power factor correction installed on their distribution switchboards throughout their site.

Another project is for mining company who have increased their site load while having poor power factor, this has caused them to exceed their CMD ( Contracted Maximum Demand) current rating. The installation of power factor correction will reduce their current draw to less than the CMD figure. This has two benefits in that it stops the penalty changes for exceeding the agreed CMD while also reducing their electrical system losses.

We can look at your on site power supply and advise on possible solutions to reduce your power draw, save those network operator penalty fees and release spare capacity into your electrical system.