Tropicana Gold Mine Boston Shaker Underground Development

In conjunction with Precision Mine Contracting, PME have been working on the Electrical design of the diesel power station, 415 Volts and 1,000 volts distribution and switchgear for the development of the portal and the underground decline power distribution.

This power system will enable McMahons, the mining contractor, to develop the decline and early production drives under this short term arrangement until a permanent 11kV supply and distribution can be established.

PME have extensive experience in the design of these types of systems, earthing, power system sizing and protection systems for mine development work.


Similarly, we performed the power system design and engineering for Sandfire at their Monty Mine, Silver Lake’s Maxwells and Cockeyed Bob power systems.

Along with this power system work we have been involved with the set up of the mine communications including optical fiber and leaky feeder systems in similar locations.