16MW Power Station Control and SCADA System

Petro Min Engineers were responsible for the PLC control and SCADA design for the 16MW combined gas and diesel power station at Power West’s Wiluna operation.
The SCADA system interfaces to the generator ComAp controllers, Schneider Easergy protection relays and Acuvim Power meters by a mixture protocols including Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, and DNP3. The operator interface is designed to allow the operator to control all aspects of the Power Station while also providing historical data and long-term trending for reporting and fault analysis.
An Allen Bradley PLC control system and triple tier Main Control Panel was also designed and installed, which provides control over ancillary plant equipment. The PLC control system also incorporates Start Permissive Interlock interface with the client PLC network which ensures that there is enough spinning reserve before large loads can start.
A pre-emptive load shedding routine has been incorporated to trip non-essential feeders in the event a generator fault to ensure the stability of the power station, in addition to the Under-Frequency Load Shedding incorporated into the feeder protection relays.
The Power Station is designed to operate automatically, as such, the generators will be called to run and stop to follow the feeder load while equalising generator running hours.