High Voltage Design Submissions

For all electrical installations to be performed in the state of Western Australia, compliance with the WA Electrical Requirements (WAER) is mandatory under Regulation 49 of the Western Australian Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.

The WAER (published by EnergySafety) requires a High Voltage installation design proposal to be developed and certified by a professionally qualified Engineer as complying with all relevant technical requirements.

Where connection to a network is required, the design proposal must be submitted to the network operator (such as Western Power) in reasonable time for assessment prior to the connection proceeding.

High voltage installations performed on Western Australian mine sites are also subject to special technical safety requirements which are administered by the Resources Safety Division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Petro Min Engineers have built a solid reputation for developing comprehensive high voltage submissions on behalf of the commercial, industrial and mining industries, including Contractors or Sub-Contractors assigned to perform the installation.

Our dedicated team have the capability of performing the complete high voltage system design in-house, or partial design such as earthing and lightning protection to suit your specific needs.

As a pre-requisite of high voltage design submissions, Petro Min Engineers have extensive experience with performing power system assessments including Fault Analysis and Load Flow Studies and providing recommended protection device settings and discrimination curves for both high and low voltage switchgear.

Petro Min Engineers currently possesses the following electrical software modelling licenses which are most commonly used in the industry.

  • PowerFactory – DIgsilent;
  • Paladin DesignBase;
  • SKM Power Tools, and
  • PowerCad.

This allows us to not only reconstruct your power system from scratch, but also modify an existing software model developed by others.

The integrity of your substation earth grid is vital when considering the safety of all equipment and personnel. All High Voltage Submissions must include (or make reference to) Step and Touch calculations where earth grids are employed.

Petro Min Engineers have invested in earth testing equipment which will not only determine the resistance of an existing installation, but can perform Soil Resistivity Testing for a new or modified earth grid. Please contact us for further details should you require these tests to be performed on site.

High voltage submissions are to include or make reference to High Voltage Operating Procedures and Safety Management Plans to reflect the new or modified high voltage infrastructure. Petro Min Engineers can assist with the development of this documentation if required, to reflect your installation.

Final certification of a high voltage installation is also required to be performed by a professionally qualified Engineer to confirm the ‘as commissioned’ installation complies with the design and all relevant technical aspects.

On your behalf, Petro Min Engineers would be happy to provide site inspections and certifications of the installation if required, post the development of a High Voltage Submission we produce.

We can also offer additional assistance with the development of the following, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

  • Switching Agreements;
  • High Voltage Switching Procedures;
  • Arc Flash Assessments and Labels;
  • Site Personnel Inductions and Presentations, or
  • High Voltage Auditing.

Some of our most recent High Voltage Submissions and satisfied customers include;

Mining and Industrial Electrics Pty Ltd (MIE)

  • Doray Minerals Limited – Deflector Gold Copper Project – U/G Substation No.3;
  • Millenium Minerals Limited – Nullagine Gold Project – Bartons Deposit U/G Mine Power Supply;
  • Dacian Gold Limited – Mt Morgans Gold Operation – Allansons TLS3 Substation Relocation;
  • Silverlake Resources – Deflector Gold Copper Project – U/G Substation No.4;
  • Northern Star Resources – Coolgardie Camp – Western Power HV Connection;
  • Ramelius Resources Limited – Vivien Gold Deposit – U/G Mine Power Supply.

Electrel Pty Ltd

  • Westgold Resources Limited – Big Bell Project – Aggreko Power Station;
  • Westgold Resources Limited – South Emu Project – Aggreko Power Station;
  • Westgold Resources Limited – Bluebird Gold Mine – Village Power Supply Upgrade;
  • Silverlake Resources – Mt Monger Operations – Kalgoorlie Corner to Santa Mine – 33kV Overhead Power Line;
  • Silverlake Resources – Mt Monger Operations – Maxwell’s Mine Infrastructure;
  • Silverlake Resources – Mt Monger Operations – Santa Mine Infrastructure;
  • Silverlake Resources – Mt Monger Operations – Cock Eyed Bob Mine Infrastructure;