BHP – Ore Body 35 Stand Pipe Solar Stations

The tactical engineering and design performed by the Petro Min Engineers’ team, has stemmed in the successful delivery of three fully operational Solar Stations installed within the Ore Body 35 mining pit at the BHP, Mt Whaleback Operations, Newman.

The robust, powerful stand-alone solar systems, each providing a minimum of four days autonomy, control the water level of the Ore Body 35 Header Tank, and the delivery of water to each of the Heavy Vehicle and Light Vehicle water cart stand pipes for providing dust suppression in and around the Ore Body 35 mining pit.

Activation of each of the stand pipes is performed manually by the water cart driver using a simple hand-held remote control device from within the cabin, without the need to dismount the water truck. The simple and effective operation, together with the high water volumetric flow rates, provides efficient filling times and increased dust suppression cycles performed during the course of the day.

Each of the solar stations, which are fitted with lightning surge protection and PLC based controls, communicate a host of instrumentation and status signals to the existing site SCADA control system via a 5GHz wireless Ethernet subscriber module. This allows BHP personnel to remotely monitor each of the solar systems and acquire the necessary data for operational, maintenance and environmental purposes.

Petro Min Engineers have extensive experience in the design of these water management, pumping and transfer systems with access to either mains power, portable generator sets or stand-alone solar power systems to meet your specific site requirements.