East Metropolitan Regional Council – Wood Waste To Energy (WWTE) Plant

Petro Min Engineers have been employed by EMRC to complete the design of the Wood Waste To Energy (WWTE) plant with Anergy.

The plant will convert wood waste into bio char from a rotating pyrolysis kiln and the resultant syngas (synthesis gas) will be filtered and cleaned for use in six 500 kW reciprocating gas engines. The gas engines generate power at 415 Volts and step up via two transformers to the 22kV grid voltage.

The scope includes the tie in of the generator controls and load management with the fuel syngas supply to maximise power output and interface the generator controls and data into the WWTE plants SCADA and HMI system.

 PME are also integrating the 22kV grid connection, controls and protection into the WWTE plants SCADA and HMI system. Additional works include providing detailed design for cable routing and supports , lighting and small power, earthing and lightning protection for the entire site.

Completion of this work is expected in Q3 2020.

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