Granny Smith – NKP Borefield

Petro Min Engineers successfully completed the detailed engineering and design of the new North Karingal Paleochannel (NKP) Borefield for Gold Fields Limited at their existing Granny Smith mining operations.

Stage one of the project comprises of four Dewatering Bores which pump bore water to a common storage facility located at the Transfer Pump Station before being pumped directly to the Plant.

The Transfer Pump Station consists of diesel generators which are used to not only supply the local Transfer Pumps, but to also supply each of the remote Dewatering Bores via an 11kV overhead power line, spanning a distance of approximately five and a half kilometers.

The detailed design encompassed all power and pumping control systems and instrumentation across all areas of the project, including the overhead power line reticulation and communications to each of the Bores.

Petro Min Engineers worked closely with site control systems personnel to establish a robust communications network between the existing Plant to the new dewatering infrastructure, allowing all pumping systems to be controlled and monitored remotely via their site SCADA system.

Due to the remote location of the dewatering systems, CCTV cameras were also established at each station, capturing live, real-time footage which can be seen remotely, back at the Plant.

In addition to the development of all design drawings, equipment specifications, tendering documentation, and procurement support, Petro Min Engineers also completed the high voltage design certification for submission to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).