Neutral Earthing Resistor and Protection Upgrade at Marvel Loch

Petro Min Engineers in conjunction with Future Power have engineered and installed a new neutral earthing resistor to the Marvel Loch and Jacoletti underground mining 11kV feeder.

The 33kV to 11kV substation is located on the surface and supplies 11kV into the underground mining operations.

The neutral earthing resistor was required to limit the step and touch potentials under possible fault conditions in the underground mine.

The neutral earthing resistor is fitted with a resistor monitoring relay which provides protection and monitoring to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2081 “Electrical Protection Devices for Mines and Quarries”.

This device was installed to also provide a trip on the upstream 33kV Noja recloser in case of an resistor failure.

The installation was performed by Future Power and the final testing and commissioning was performed by Engineers from Petro Min Engineers with the assistance of Future Power.

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