Power Supply Contingency Planning

Loss of power to a mine site and the associated production facilities can cause huge losses while repairs are completed.

Having a contingency plan in place to identify power supply options and sources of equipment are of benefit not only to your on-site personnel but can also be a requirement of your insurers and their underwriters.

Petro Min Engineers have completed contingency plans for mining and process companies with conceptual designs and description of equipment required and electrical systems requirements.

Being located in a central part of an electrical network does not guarantee your site completely reliable and uninterruptible power supply. Petro Min Engineers can assist with identifying any potential weaknesses in your power system and develop a plan to mitigate any potential issues.

For maximum power supply availability, Petro Min Engineers can develop a site-wide contingency plan that can withstand potential situations such as;

  • Grid Network supply failure
  • On-site power station catastrophic failure for extended periods
  • Power line faults and collapse
  • Buried cables to process plants and into underground and open-pit mining operations damaged by earthquakes or other similar seismic events
  • Major equipment failures such as transformers and site main switchboards

Having a plan in place mitigates the duration of the outage whilst also limiting the commercial and reputation damage to your company’s operations that failures of this type can create.

Having an engineered and documented solution to these events provide peace of mind and helps the on-site personnel handle these events in a timely and cost-effective manner.