Round Oak Minerals Bentley Mine Power System Upgrade

The Jaguar Mine Site, located north of Leonora in Western Australia, produces copper and zinc concentrate for export. One of the major deposits is at the Bentley Mine, situated about 7km from the main Processing Plant and Power Station.

Petro Min Engineers performed the detailed design and engineering
to separate the 11kV Distribution and 11kV Underground Feeder Networks that supply the Bentley Mine Site from the Main Processing Plant and Power Station.

The works included the design of a new 11kV Surface Substation at the Bentley Mine Site, as well as the Power System Fault Studies, Soil Resistivity and Earth Grid design, and Protection Relay settings.

The electrical protection system required a full review for the power infrastructure between the Bentley Mine Site and the Power Station, detailed in the High Voltage Submission that was prepared and transmitted to the regulatory authorities.

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