Skid Mounted High Voltage Switchgear For Underground Mines

PME have performed the detailed design and engineering for two skid mounted substations for the underground mining operations at Anglogold Ashanti’s Sunrise Dam gold mine.

Both of these packages have remote switching facilities for the HV switching operators safety.

Both packages have power metring and status signals to allow Anglogold to monitor this information on their mining SCADA system.

Both packages were fitted with peaked roof covers which have been removed in the photos for road transport to site.

Both packages meet the requirements’ of the Western Australian Mining Safety and Inspection Regulations.

Within each package is a communications control box which provides FOBOT’s for the marshalling of the optical fibre cable from the overhead power line into the underground as well as a local Ethernet switch for the power metring and other local SCADA information.

The Pit Ram Ring Main Unit is installed at the surface of the open pit and is a protection and switching point for the underground feeders which are two off 95mm² copper 11kV armoured cables.

At the bottom of the pit is the Watu Portal Ring Main Unit, which takes the two off 95 mm² copper armoured cables from the surface and provides outgoing 11kV feeders down into the underground mining operation, as well as feeding a new ventilation fan local substation and several additional 11kV outgoing circuits.

These packages are designed to be moved using either a crane with a spreader bar or the forks from an IT carrier or forklift.

Both packages were manufactured by Hahn Electrical.

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