Solar Powered Flow and Valve Control Stations

Petro Min Engineers have designed, supplied and commissioned a range of solar powered flow metering stations and valve control stations for remote areas.

These units have come with a wide range of telemetry, control and instrumentation sophistication from basic data logger only through to PLC based controls with wireless Ethernet connection to a remote SCADA system.

The units shown in the photos are for an iron ore mine and are rated to withstand cyclonic wind conditions, the fence being to keep wild live stock from damaging the units.

Lighter duty units have been provided for agriculture and irrigation applications.

The level of instrumentation has varied from pulse counting from mechanical flow meters through magnetic flow meters and pressure transmitters for the collection and remote monitoring of data.

The ability to control diverter valves or flow control valves from these panels is possible and is constrained by the size of the batteries installed and the required number of cycle operations for the valve drive.

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