Sunrise Dam Gold Mine – Crusher Transformer and Switchboard Upgrade

Continuing PME’s 15 year involvement with Sunrise Dam Gold Mine we were asked to provide engineering and design services for the crushing plant power supply upgrade.

Anglogold were faced with several problems with the crushing plant power supply;

    •  The 11kV to 415 Volts transformer was too small
    • The existing switchboard / motor control centre had a fault rating withstand less than the actual fault rating
    • The requirement to extend the MCC for larger drives and additional feeders was constrained by the size of the switch room
    • Interruption to the crusher operation was to be minimised.

The solution provided involved;

    •  A larger but higher impedance transformer to keep the existing MCC within its design and type tested fault rating
    • A new switchboard, MCC and switch room to take the supply from the new transformer and to provide motor starters for the new and larger drives as well as a feeder to the existing switch board and switch room
    • Extension of the PLC based control system for the new operational requirements

PME provided full electrical and civil design for the upgrade and certification of the design and changes to the required regulatory authority.