Unigrain Organic Rankin Cycle Facility

Petro Min Engineers completed the commissioning, Western Power approvals and sign-off for the 800 kW Turboden Organic Rankin Cycle generator package for Morton Seed and Grain and now Unigrain.

The facility uses a Uniconfort steam boiler to burn waste oat husks to generate steam which in turn is used in the process and the excess steam provided to the Turboden unit.

Cooling of the refrigerant in the ORC unit is achieved using air cooled forced air fan radiators on the roof of the structure.

The generated power is used to offset power imported to the site from the Western Power South West Interconnected System. Although the site is not self-sufficient in power generation they have achieved significant savings in their power usage.

Petro Min Engineers involvement with the site continues with the design of an upgrade in the Western Power connection from 1 MVA to a 2MVA supply from the local 22kV network. This project is still in the development stages with Western Power.

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