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Snowy Hydro South Australian Power Stations SCADA Upgrade

In conjunction with Cummins, Petro Min Engineers are upgrading the SCADA and remote access systems for the three power stations at

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BASF Power Factor Correction Study

Petro Min Engineers have been awarded a Power Factor correction study by BASF. The study relates to their chemical manufacturing facility

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Australian Garnet – Water Supply Bore Field Power Line Design

In conjunction with Resource Water Group, Petro Min Engineers have been awarded the engineering and design of the power line for

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Stellata Energy has employed Petro Min Engineers

Stellata Energy has employed Petro Min Engineers to assist them with their application to Western Power for a grid connected 82

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City of Melville Harmonic Distortion Investigation

Petro Min Engineers has been awarded the contract to investigation power system harmonic distortion within the City of Melville’s Administration Building.

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BHPBIO ARD Pump Station Upgrade

In conjunction with SCEE, Petro Min Engineers have been contracted by BHPB to upgrade the ARD mining area bores controls and

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Asset Inspection and Monitoring

Many owners, operators and managers of large buildings or industrial facilities in Perth receive their high voltage power supply from the

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Client Reaching for Energy Neutral Status

Petro Min Engineers and Carbon Reduction Ventures are working with a new client with operations in the USA, China and several

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